Ofte stillede spørgsmål


1. We do not need your services, because our company has its own website, where all our products are presented in detail and information about the company and all contacts are listed.

Nowadays almost everyone, has a website. The fact that you have your own website does not mean much and does not give you an advantage over your competitors. Rather, your customers who have a higher quality website have an advantage over your website and more opportunities to do business. Your potential customers all over the world do not type the name of your company into the search engine, but the product/service they need. The providers that are well positioned due to good optimization, high traffic and worldwide recognition are the ones that appear at the top of the search results. Exportpages has all these qualities, as it is a specialized global digital service designed to find new partners and markets, and to achieve greater visibility.

EP has its own IT team that works on optimization on a daily basis to meet the ranking rules that are changed by search engines every day. EP currently has about 100,000 companies with about one million products and services presented. About three million unique visits are recorded per month, and the number is constantly increasing. Because of this robustness and global visibility in 32 world languages, your company registered with EP will be incomparably better positioned in the search engines. The better positioning you seek requires a far greater commitment to website creation and maintenance, which costs far more than the price of an annual license to use the EP system.


2. There are many similar services like yours, many of them are free. Why would you advertise our company for a fee when we can do the same thing for other services for free?

It's true, there are a large number of such services. But even a cursory examination reveals that they are not the same service. These are the so-called passive advertising services, where there is no possibility of detailed presentation of your company and products in several languages, global visibility, presentation and communication in the main world languages. EP uses all available possibilities of digital presentation and is currently one of the few in the world and the only one in Southern Europe. Therefore, now is the right time to register on our website! The process of digitalization of the economy and thus also of marketing is accelerating and the digital presentation of companies is taking primacy in the advertising industry. Your competitors are certainly aware of this!


3. Subscription, compared to the cost of advertising on other platforms and channels that EP can replace

Compare your individual advertising with versatile languages at Exportpages, with advertising on other channels or advertising in trade magazines. One year of advertising with us is cheaper than one month of advertising on a bigboard! In the EP system, your products/services and your company are visible in detail around the world 24/7 for a year, unlike the visibility of an advertising board for a short time.

The differences and benefits of EP presentation are clear and unparalleled!

If you are presenting in 27 or more languages, that means you have 27 or more different profiles or websites. If you use the possibility of presenting yourself in 32 languages, the price for a profile is less than the average annual price for hosting a website. So only hosting, without web content.


4. We are considering other advertising/we already advertise in other ways and do not want to change

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the problem is that I don't know which half it is.

With Exportpages, this famous quote no longer applies. The performance analysis clearly shows how your investment pays off. In your Exportpages account, you have access to a variety of statistical modules that open up new possibilities for your own market research. In addition, we offer a special service that displays the country of origin of your potential customers. This is a valuable service for managing your marketing activities.

The marketing trends today are clear: there is a continuous decline in all segments of advertising, with the exception of digital/internet advertising. It's all about people's habits, i.e., the unstoppable trend to do as many things as possible via the Internet. More and more Internet users are finding suppliers via search engines. More than two thirds of all business people now use search engines to find information and contacts. For companies, this means that a good placement in search engines is an important success factor.

Compared to other advertising channels, the digital method is also more cost-effective. We get more interactivity, get in touch with our customers directly and get feedback in a short time. Advertising üvia print media, radio, television, billboards requires high expenses and, more importantly, is not sufficiently targeted, and the efficiency is difficult to calculate. With us you can easily calculate your return on investment (ROI). Our system, as the name suggests, is narrowly specialized and targeted at exporters and those who want to become exporters. Our pages are visited only by those who need your product or service!


5. We are a small company

Company size, areas of activity and similar criteria are not important in the EP funding system. In the past, the rule was: "Big fish eat small fish", today it is: "Fast fish eat slow fish". It is true that our website mainly features medium and large companies and entrepreneurs, but this is not a guarantee of success, you can be just as successful as your current larger competitors! If you fill out your profile on your website in detail and completely, update it regularly and publish news and everything important about your company, you will become more prominent and visible, and have more opportunities to close new deals. You can be found by customers on the other side of the world, as well as those near you. With the EP system, you can turn the situation around, reach out and overtake your competitors, and strengthen your company's market position!


6.The English language is sufficient for our international advertising, we see no need to advertise in other languages

It is true that the English language is the standard in international business and the most widely used in international trade. However, this is not always the case. Your potential future customers will first search for their suppliers online in their own language. Many entrepreneurs in some parts of the world, especially beginners, smaller businesses or those just entering the international stage are sometimes unsure of their English language skills and are afraid to start communicating. Insufficient knowledge of the English language can lead to major misunderstandings and mistakes! It is more comfortable for everyone to communicate in the language they know best. The Exportpages International company, with the help of advanced systems of artificial intelligence and neural networks, has developed a very effective system for and translation in 27 of the most widely used languages in the world, with which you can present your company, products and services in a high-quality way.

In the conditions of fierce competition and fight for every customer, advertising in other languages can be crucial. Imagine the following situation: You have decided to present your products at a large international trade fair, where potential customers come from all over the world. At your booth there are only signs in English, and your staff communicates with visitors only in English. Near you is your competitor's booth, which has signs in a dozen world languages and whose staff also communicates in several languages. Which booth will be visited more? Who will do more business? The answer to these questions is really not difficult!

If you present yourself only in one language, this text will be indexed by the search engines only in this language. If you have ten translations, the search engines will index ten. You have increased your visibility and global presence tenfold! A customer in France will first search for the product he needs in his own language. You have exactly what he is looking for, but you are not visible to him in Croatian or English! Moreover, the multilingual profile gives the impression of a serious, strong company, able to do business anywhere in the world regardless of language and cultural barriers, and appreciates and respects the specificities of the countries in which it wants to do business.


7. What are our advantages?

During the year the license is in effect, companies will receive inquiries and requests for information about your services and products. You can not only receive individual concrete orders, but also find partners frr long-term cooperation. Thanks to Exportpages presentation, many of our clients receive your inquiries and use them to close deals worth millions of dollars. The companies receive concrete inquiries about your products and services, but also inquiries about concluding long-term cooperation, partnerships and the like. Show your potential customers what you can offer. As with hardly any other service of this kind, on the Exportpages platform, details about the company and your product are described clearly and in detail.


8. Why Exportpages? What makes you better than others?

Unlike numerous B2B digital online services, we specialize in promoting exporters. In addition, the ability to present in 32 languages makes us unique and we are currently virtually unrivaled on a global scale. 20 years of experience in online business make us successful and recognizable. Our employees make sure that the data is up to date, so it is not possible to find among the search results a company that no longer exists, has multiple profiles, has fake profiles or has no up-to-date data. This is unfortunately the case with many other services and databases and causes an unnecessary waste of your precious time and resources.

Furthermore, we differ from other services because we also offer the possibility of placing ads. In this way our clients can find new workers, production materials, sell or buy working tools, equipment, machines, look for investors, find collaborators or partners for joint projects and orders, etc. Company news and announcements can be published in all major world languages. You can track statistics showing in which part of the world there is an increased demand for certain products or services. Our solutions can replace expensive traditional trade shows or complement them as an additional presentation channel and better national, global or regional visibility. The current complicated global situation requires finding new supply routes, raw material suppliers and the like, and we can make an important contribution here.


9. We also have descriptions of products and services in different languages on our websites.

A multilingual website is certainly an advantage and a good decision, but your website as an individual cannot compete with our system, where there are thousands of your competitors and visited by hundreds of thousands of users every day. The chances of appearing at the top of search engine results are very low. Due to long presence, robustness, optimization and worldwide awareness, EP system is incomparably more effective in search engine positioning. Traffic and optimization condition better discoverability and visibility and thus your success in attracting new customers and a strategic advantage over your competitors.


10. How secure is your system? How do we know it's not a scam?

We pay special attention and care to the security of the system and the profiles of our users and their data. We know how important this is for our successful business and our customers. We use well-known, proven and secure protocols, starting from the registration itself, through the payment and code distribution, to the presentation profiles and communication. We operate legally üthrough our headquarters in Germany and through offices around the world. Our data can be easily found through search engines of court registers or by entering the tax number in the VIES system: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatResponse.html

We operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate, including consumer protection laws, the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection, etc.


11. Exportpages has been around for 20 years. We haven't heard from you until now. How come we didn't have any information about you until now, and how come you are contacting us only now, after 20 years?

Exportpages is in fact a company that has been around since 2003. At that time, it was enough to have a module with the basic information of the company and achieve some success in the market with this type of advertising. In the middle of the last decade, it was realized that such a business model was no longer enough and major changes were initiated. Also, the local framework was left and Exportpages is no longer just a presenter of German companies. We are expanding our territory from Croatia/BiH/Serbia/Montenegro, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Nordic countries, Australia, New Zealand, India. With our professional and experienced staff, we are at your service.


12. What are the other benefits of using your service?

This digital system of presentation and global presence is most acceptable from the point of view of environmental protection. Especially if we compare it with printed advertising material. Exhibitions at trade fairs also contribute significantly to environmental pollution. This is not an insignificant fact, considering that more and more attention is being paid to ecology, sustainable development and environmental protection. A trend that will certainly continue in the future.

Already, there are situations where companies that advertise their ecologically sustainable business practices take advantage of various benefits in the form of, for example, tax breaks, incentives or more favorable credit terms. In contrast, pressure is exerted to tax and/or penalize companies that are not environmentally sustainable. Companies that are committed to the environment also enjoy higher public and business reputations.

In addition, this marketing approach does not require any additional effort in the form of travel and all the additional risks that come with it. The customer controls from the desk; the entire process without sudden and unforeseen situations. No additional involvement of marketing teams or the like is required. Your potential customers receive all the necessary information about your company and products/services quickly and with high quality.


13. How many requests can we expect?

It is practically impossible to give a concrete answer to this question. After all, each company is a case in itself, each profile results in a different positioning, visibility and ranking. If you are at a classic trade show, you can get an idea of how many visits there will be, since the possible number of visitors is known. But in our case, you are at the digital world fair, and non-stop. You can also expect to receive inquiries and contact requests outside the Exportpages platform, but thanks to the platform because of its global visibility and high-quality presentation. As a result, your chances of receiving visits and targeted inquiries from your potential customers are incomparably higher! We emphasize the importance of filling out the profile in as much detail as possible and updating it regularly. Moreover, if you have quality products or services, an excellent result in the form of numerous inquiries is bound to happen!


14. We have seen that some other services like yours have several million users, but you have fewer. Why is that?

One of our most important messages is: not everyone is represented on our pages, but certainly the best! For us, quality comes before quantity. Only the companies that have high quality products and services and present themselves well have their place in our system. Be among them!

Even with the numerous databases you mentioned, there are often companies that no longer exist, or important information about their products and services has changed. It often happens that one and the same company appears in several places in the database. We update the information that appears in the EP system on a daily basis. Moreover, with us you will not come across non-existent companies or one company with multiple profiles, as is the case with many other databases. Your company will not get lost in the forest of millions of other users, but on the contrary will be presented and visible in a clearer and more transparent way.


15. Your plans for the future?

Our ambitions are big, but also realistic and achievable. In the near future, Exportpages will not only be a service to find new business opportunities, but much more than that. It will be a tool that allows exporters to easily, quickly and conveniently organize the entire export process in one place with one click: From finding a customer to delivering the goods/services to his doorstep. In addition to logistics, all necessary services will be available to our customers, from banking and insurance to freight forwarding, transportation, legal and tax.

Work is also underway to expand the network among traditional international trade shows to increase the number of exhibitors and the hybrid form of trade show presentation. By expanding its subsidiaries and entering into numerous partnerships at the local and global levels, Exportpages will be a company that can lobby for its clients together with its partners in the future and participate in shaping future rules and regulations in international trade and business.


16 . What benefits will I receive?

Our service description is the basis for every package that is booked. You decide on the number of languages and products and language selection. View here: https://exportpages.de/services-pricing


17 . How to order an activation code

Quite easily via: support@exportpages.de   


in the registration process under: Get a quote. In the 2nd line, select product number and language number and submit, get offer and code to redeem.


18 . I have an activation code but am not registered yet:


www.exportpages.com ( or your country domain)

  • Become a partner
  • Enter data
  • Next step: enter code and activate
  • Use everything offered in the account!


19. How do I redeem the activation code if I am already registered?

www.exportpages.com ( or your country domain e.g. fr, de, cn, ….)

  • My Account
  • Enter your mail address and password
  • In account : Subscription/ Code Activation/ Quote Request, click
  • Top: Activate Code / Request Quote, click
  • Next step: enter access code and activate access code button


20 . What does an annual subscription to Exportpages cost?

A suitable entry is compiled individually and according to your requirements (number of products, number of languages. ) Our sales managers will always find a solution with the best price-performance ratio for you. Simply send us your enquiries with your specific ideas tosupport@exportpages.de  Our staff look forward to hearing from you!


21. How can I pay?

You can pay by Paypal or by invoice/&bank transfer


22. Do I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive an invoice


23. In which order do I fill in my data?



    24. Will my data be checked again?

    The data will be checked and activated. Our team will be happy to provide tips.


    25. Do I need to include my VAT no.?

    Yes, if your location is outside Germany, this is mandatory



    26. How do I create an ad and which languages are available to me


    About ads create your ad. Headline, secondary headline, text. This can be translated in the languages offered. Add pictures.


    27. What can I change on my profile after it has been published?

    A change to the products, text, images, video or PDF is possible at any time



    28.How do I create a news and what languages are available for it

    In the account about News, the news of the company can be entered. Headline, two-headline, text. This can be translated into the booked languages. Add images.


    29. Can I add products or languages?

    Yes, tell me the number of each under: support@exportpages.de 


    30.  Do I get access to my requests?

    In the account, your requests will be filed in the inbox and you will receive a short message about it. In addition, we will send the request again to the deposited mail address.


    31. Will I be informed about innovations?

    Yes, you will be informed about our news